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Karyn Booth

Writing and Rhetoric 3

This week’s focus: Lesson 11 Historical Fiction writing
(W & R 10 Legend lesson was not covered in class, but can be covered by the student at the parents’ discretion)

In preparation for Schole support class:

We are writing historical narratives.
If you have not done this yet, please read the start of Chapter 11. Historical Fiction. Read p 176-177 and START P 181-185 but only after considering this:
The book suggests a Roman based story. This is a good option as there is a lot of information on that p 177-181. However, if your student is not keen, the other option is any other story that has been covered this year in History with Ms Monica. The alternative to the Roman story is more challenging as it requires more researching on your own, however if you have read an excellent read aloud or picture book about a history person we have studied, then that would be helpful.

To be completed this week:

Read p 176-181
Choose your story setting (Rome or another historical figure as mentioned above)
Complete page 181-185 with some thought, spend more than one session on it.
Ideally you should have p 186-187 done but if this section feels challenging, I will highlight it in class.

AFTER THE ZOOM… (you may work ahead and do this pre zoom if you want)
The outline is really important. This is the step by step of the story and will keep the story “under control”.

IN your planning, consider what we have learned in this book:
Type of story
Beginning, middle, end of stories
Protagonist and antagonist
Use a thesaurus and find some juicy words

Write your historical fiction story FOLLOWING YOUR OUTLINE.
Handwrite it for a rough draft (if possible, this forces your thinking and creativity…trust me)
It should be no longer than two pages typed DOUBLE spaced.

Wait a few days when you have done this.
Read it again.
Read it aloud exactly as it is written, to “hear” any revisions you need to make
Ask a parent to read it over
Make a polished copy (don’t throw your rough copy away)
Your final copy!

Consider presenting your story orally to your family. Read it aloud.
Use the tips on page188.
If you do perform, perhaps you could send a short video clip to me?

ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more

Complete all lesson 10


Your historical narrative. Please scan your planning—p 186 and 187 too and send your polished copy with your full name, class, and Lesson 11 clearly at top of each page.

Please contact with any questions and submissions.