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Jasmine Chivers

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Class Name Writing & Rhetoric 7/8
This week’s focus: Writing & Rhetoric 7 lesson 9: First Vituperation
Remember that a vituperation is a condemnation of a specific person or thing, and it too, uses evidence to support its negative point of view. See below the bolded part? That is the difference in a vituperation.
In preparation for Schole support class: Please have Lesson 9 from page 143 to 149
So let’s walk through what makes a great Vituperation essay:
1. Start with an introduction that includes hyperbole a thesis and a transition sentence.
2. Detail your subject’s background. Consider his or her ancestors including parents, country, or education.
3. Support your thesis by telling your reader about your subject’s POOR qualities. Consider his or her personal FLAWS, HARMFUL ATTITUDES or VICES
4. Support your thesis by telling about the persons career. Describe this PERSON’S LACK OF WORTHWHILE ACHIEVEMENTS or show how this person used his or her gifts for IMPROPER USES. Use a quote from the text to support your point of view.
5. Contrast the person with a BETTER person in order to heighten your criticism.
6. Write a conclusion. Use new wording to restate your thesis. Consider discouraging your audience from imitating your subject.
To be completed for when we meet again: Page 149 Please have the Tell It Back number 2 outline completed. We can read them in class together. Be prepared to read your outline.
January: you will use the same Rubric on page 116 and hand in an essay on Susan B. Anthony for end of January.
February: you will use the Rubric on page 325/326 to write your first VITUPERATION.
Zoom Info:
Wednesday class W&R 7/8: online Zoom 10 to 10:50 am.
Link: Ms. Jasmine is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting for W&R 7/8.

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