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Class Name: Grade 8/9 Literature 2

This week’s focus: Animal Farm

In preparation for class this week at 1:00 on Thursday Feb. 4:

1. Read Chapters 9-10 of Animal Farm – by George Orwell
2. In your commonplace book, record another sentence or quote from Animal Farm that you find interesting and be prepared to share it with the class..
3. Take time to reread the very last paragraph in Chapter 10 and be prepared to have a discussion about it. “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”
4. Read through Chapter 10 – Art of Poetry — Last week you read about Verse poems in the following sections Villanelle, Sestina, and Sonnet. This week I would like you to finish reading about Ballad and Blank Verse Poems. In the activity section, on page 134, you are challenged to write in EVERY form, however, I would like you to attempt writing in ONLY ONE OR TWO forms. If you are comfortable to share your attempt or completed poetry with the class, that would be wonderful. Please let me know ahead of time.

Enrichment (for those who are wanting more)
Extra Questions to think about as we finish our book study on Animal Farm:
*In Napoleon’s note to himself in Chapter 7, outline the details of his propaganda campaign.
* Imagine you were to write Boxer’s eulogy, how would it be different from Clover’s, Benjamin and Napoleon’s perspective.
*The truest happiness, Napoleon said, lay in working hard and living frugally.” Does Napoleon really believe this?

January Submission – Due Feb. 5, 2021
Continue to work on your reading reflection on one of the options listed in the attached document.
January Submission – Animal Farm

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