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Karyn Booth

Well Ordered Language 2B

This week’s focus: Prepositional Phrases (WE are in a new book! 2B!)

In preparation for Schole support class:

Parents, you may want to read through pages 3-13 so you are more confident when you share this with your student. It is not much different than what we have been doing, but it is a layering of what we have been learning. I will do my best to find the “tricky spots”, give tips and hints, and I cannot emphasize enough what daily practise, even half page of the work done properly, will do to retention.


Review songs 1-17
Start learning the prepositions…it will make identifying them much easier.

Add the list of prepositions from page 4 to the cheat sheet

OR print this (THanks awesome parent friend):

Review the questions to ask of the prepositional phrases on page 6:
Adverbial phrases modify verbs: ask where? How? When? Why?
Adjectival phrases modify nouns: how many? Whose? Which one? What kind?

Do have a ruler, this week the diagramming has some new diagonals we are adding, neatness will make this easier.

Complete pages 14-15, 16-17 before Wednesday class.

To be completed this week:

Because of the schedule for Schole this month, you have more time between this class and the next. This is a perfect time to get some daily review of the parts of speech, the questions that are used to identify them, practise of the script for analysis, and learning the prepositions.

Complete 18-21, quiz for prepositional phrases needs to be completed before the February submission guide is handed in.

If you feel like this was a BIG jump this week, may I suggest you use the extra time like this

a. Have your student find the phrases, in pencil. And sabel subjects and predicate verbs, label them.
b. Another session, continue analyzing the sentences for their adjectives and adverbial parts.
c. Another session, start the diagramming.

This might feel like you are doing well ordered language all the time, but shorter sessions each day may help with better retention and be review.

ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more

Learn songs 1-17 really well
Learn a poem to share at Monday’s assembly


Please complete the quiz and report on the February Submission Guide

Please contact with any questions and submissions.

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