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Karyn Booth

Writing & Rhetoric 4! (NEW BOOK THIS WEEK and our ONLY W and R class this month!)

This week’s focus: Lesson 1 What in the world is a Chreia? AND Lesson 2 Literal and Figurative Language in Proverbs

Parents, here we have a new book, and a slightly different focus in writing. I read introductions for leisure, but in case you don’t wish to, please read the following sections so you are familiar with the direction of the rest of the year.

“Good writing requires content. It abhors a vaccum…It takes imitation to task for a lack of freedom and personal expression.” P ix

Review the bullet points on p xi
P xii Objectives for Chreia and Proverb
P xiv 4th full paragraph explains the goal of this book and its shape—a 6 paragraph essay!

In preparation for Schole support class:

PLEASE BRING A PROVERB TO CLASS to share and discuss
(The book of Proverbs is a good source. Also, p 27-29 has some listed)

Suggested schedule:
Learn the words Proverb, chreia, cheroides ( p 1)
Read through p 1-5 with the goal of narration p 6 #1

P 6 Talk about it,
P 7-9 Go Deeper
P 9-13, stop at D ii. (there are prepositions here too! Great WOL review!)

P 13 #4 Fable, p 14 #5,

To be completed this week after class:


FRIDAY Lesson 2
P23-25 Please pay attention to your work here. Active voice > passive voice.

ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more

P 31-34 The goal of this class is to do more practice in public speaking. Because we have two lessons and the next W and R class is in MARCH!? You have some extra time to do this section and perhaps video it and send it in?


P 29-30 #5

Please contact with any questions and submissions.