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Heather McCollister

Class Name: Literature – Grade 1/2

This week’s focus: Antarctica

In your Adventure Journal this week:

1. Draw a title page for Antarctica. Write the title of this continent and colour the map from the pages attached. Remember that this continent is an island so you can colour blue for water around the entire shape, if you want to leave this icy island white. Examine page 104-105 in the Map book and add the two mountain ranges to the map and the volcano using a little peak (^) as a symbol.
2. Create an entry about the emperor penguin on the next page. Date your work and copy a sentence about something you have learned about The Emperor’s Egg read last week. Either draw or colour the picture provided in the attached sheets of a penguin.
3. Sing the The Continent Song and Five Oceans Song this week.

Writing with Ease – Week 18

ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more

*A little more on the Antarctic: If you would like to hear a Historical Book about explorers to Antarctica consider finding Trapped by the Ice by Michael McCurdy at the library or listen to the audio version in two parts and
*How to draw an emperor penguin
How To Draw A Realistic Emperor Penguin
*Research a few more animals of Antarctica, the blue whale, the albatross or one of the many seals.


One photocopy of an adventure journal entry by March 1, 2021 OR a page of copywork from Writing with Ease to be submitted to Ms. Monica.
Please contact with any questions.