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Karyn Booth

Well Ordered Language 2B

This week’s focus: Chapter 2 Compound Elements

In preparation for Schole support class:

Review songs in 1-20 that your student needs help on. Song #6,7,8,17 have very helpful ideas

Here is a suggested week schedule, you may pace at your choice.

Introduce the chapter through pg 27-30 and teach the idea of a CONJUNCTION and review COMPOUND
INCLUDE Pause of Punctuation on page 30—this is important for your student’s composition work.
Look with your student at the diagramming. This is where the ruler is helpful as the drawings are getting more interesting.

Work on P 40-41 together

Review yesterday’s teaching. Review songs. Review order of analysis
Complete P 42-43

Class review of Compound elements
This is where your student can bring questions.

To be completed this week:

Page 44-47

ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more

Learn the Arithmetic poem by Carl Sandburg on page 48

Prepositional Phrase quiz * If your student is struggling to learn all 47 prepositions in ONE quiz, let them requiz that part and improve their grade. Put their highest grade on the submission guide

Compound Element quiz on submission guide please

Please contact with any questions and submissions.