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Catherine Hardy



1. Watch the Lesson 10 video on still life drawing:

2. There is no warm-up for this lesson. The Lesson 10 Project description can be found here:

Note to Parents:

    Up until now, I have been giving full marks to students who have demonstrated understanding of the principles taught in a given lesson, regardless of the time that they have spent on their art project. I have decided to modify this slightly, as I have noticed that the time students put into their submissions varies considerably. Going forward, I will be allocating full marks to those students who meet the lesson objective and who have spent 20 minutes or more on their project. Students who meet the lesson objectives in less time will still receive a good mark, but I do wish to recognize the extra time and effort that many students are putting into their artwork. Please ensure that your child notes their drawing time on each submission.

    Kindly submit a photo of the Lesson 10 Project upon completion (