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Monica Hielema

Class Name: Well Ordered Language Level 1B
This week’s focus: Chapter 2 ~ Pronoun Review
In preparation for Schole support class:
• Introduction: pages 31 to 41
Terms to Remember through song/chant – Eight Parts of Speech (1-1), Sentence (1-2), Principal Elements (1-3), Subject Pronouns (1-12), Object Pronouns (1-15)
During Wednesday’s Zoom class we will work through Part A
BRING TO CLASS: WOL workbook and pencil / small whiteboard and marker OR a clipboard with paper and marker.
To be completed this week:
• Complete Lesson 1 – A (we will work through lesson orally/on white board during Schole lesson)
• Complete Lesson 1 – B and C
ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more
• Lessons to Learn – Review
• Lessons to Enjoy – Poem, Fable
(Optional) Poem to Memorize: (taken from Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization – IEW)

The Yak
By Hilaire Belloc

As a friend to the children commend me the Yak.
You will find it exactly the thing:
It will carry and fetch, you can ride on its back,
Or lead it about with a string.

The Tartar who dwells on the plains of Thibet
(A desolate region of snow)
Has for centuries made it a nursery pet.
And surely the Tartar should know!

Then tell your papa where the Yak can be got,
And if he is awfully rich
He will buy you the creature – or else he will not.
(I cannot be positive which.)

***POEM OF THE MONTH: Psalm 23:

Chapter 2 Pronoun Review Quiz (Resource Library) – enter mark on February Submission Guide with marking guide available in Resource Library WOL.
Please contact with any questions and submissions.