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Karyn Booth

Writing and Rhetoric 4 REMINDER

There is NO class until May.

Write the chreia from EITHER Lesson 5- King Arthur OR Lesson 6 King Alfred by April 30 please

Please reference the rubric at the back of the teacher book, noting paragraph 1 asks for the proverb to be included.

Write your first draft of your chreia. Write on lined paper, skip lines. Indent paragraphs.

Later , read your chreia aloud, exactly as you have written it. Make sure you listen to yourself and you may find what needs to be fixed.

Check for
Topic sentences
Complete sentences
Spelling and punctuation.
Check the rubric.

Make a good copy before April 30. Please take your own liberties with the suggested schedule.
I do believe that taking time to write is important, and your student may need that.
Extra time planning and organizing is a good thing, it means that the writing content and organization will be stronger.
I want to encourage writing SKILLS, not just quantity or box ticking.
I want to encourage a positive process. If the writing of these chreias is generating frustration for you and or your student, please connect with me. My hope in life is to encourage joy in writing, for everyone.