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Annemarie Barwich

Literature 5/6: The Penderwicks

To prepare for Friday, May 7th Literature Class
 Complete reading The Penderwicks
 Complete assignment, The Penderwicks Reflection – posted in Schole@home / Resources.
 Please email The Penderwicks Reflection to Ms. Annemarie before our next Literature class on Friday, May 7th.
 Bring your “cup of cozy” drink and I look forward to talking about our book ~ see you Friday morning.
To ponder for our Literature class discussion:
Who is protagonist and what does she/he want?
What changes do you notice in a character through the adventures at Arundel?
How are the Penderwick siblings like the Pevensie siblings (Voyage of the Dawn Treader)?
How do the the Penderwick siblings differ from the Pevensie siblings?
Which family would you want to join for an adventure? Why?
Please email The Penderwicks Reflection assignment, even if unable to attend literature class.

When finished, continue reading books of choice, suggestions include:
Chronicles of Narnia books
Living Book selection from list in Schole Curriculum Guide 2020-2021
Classical Reader