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Heather McCollister

Class Name: Grade 8/9 Literature 2

This week’s focus: Romeo and Juliet

In preparation for class on May 13, 2021:
1. Read No Fear Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet, Act 3. Ensure that you have already read Act 1 and 2.
2. Using the sheets attached, in point form, jot quick answers to the comprehension questions, to help guide your understanding of the text. Comprehension questions have been added for Act 3.
Romeo and Juliet Reading Comprehension Questions
3. In your commonplace book, write one quote from Romeo and Juliet that you appreciate or find interesting.
4. In class this week be prepared for discussions around:
-Family feuds
-Love at first sight
-Character analysis of Prince, Friar Lawrence and Capulet in relation to crisis responses (death of Mercutio, Romeo’s slaying of Tybalt etc) Who responds justly or injustly, appropriately or inappropriately?
-A character assessment of Juliet (her thoughts, actions and behaviours)

Enrichment for those who are wanting more:

Memorize The Prologue (page 26 in No Fear Shakespeare) or another significant speech or dialogue from a key moment in the play.
Act 1, Scene 1 lines 169-192.
Act 2, Scene 3, lines 1-30
Act 2, Scene 2, lines 26-51
Act 3, Scene 2, lines 1-31

April Submission – Due May 4, 2021
As previously stated, the April submission on The Great Divorce is outlined below. I am still missing several and appreciate marking them all together. Please submit as soon as possible.
The Great Divorce Reflective Writing

May Submission – June 5, 2021
This week in class I will introduce and discuss the expectations for a writing reflection on Romeo and Juliet.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at