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Annemarie Barwich

Literature 5/6
Next Literature Discussion Class is Friday, May 28th .

May is the month to become acquainted with William Shakespeare!

Read Twelfth Night found in Tales from Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb

For the month of May:
In addition to reading Twelfth Night, choose a book to read for 20 minutes / day (minimum)

Choose a book to read and prepare to share at next class, giving title and author of book, name the protagonist, and describe the main obstacle the protagonist had to overcome.

To prepare for the May 28th Literature Discussion:
Consider preparing a narration of Twelfth Night for our class.
(looking for Gr. 6 student– please email Ms. Annemarie by May 26th if willing to present short narration)
Print, Read & Practice the lines from play that we will read together.

An enjoyable story with similar ideas as Twelfth Night, book suggestion from Ms. Annemarie:
Seven Daughters and Seven Sons by Barbara Cohen

A resource for parents to enjoy Shakespeare with children: