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Karyn Booth

Literature 1 Our class wrapped up last Thursday!

However, if you have not handed in this for May, please do so.

Choose ONE of 1,2,3 or 4 using chapters 1-5

Answer in a paragraph before next class, early May.

1. What character is showing change? How? What actions show they are changing from who they were at the beginning? Give examples from the book.
2. What character shows the best leadership? How do you know? What do they do that demonstrates the best leadership?
3. The island is given personality by William Goulding. How would you explain the “character” of the island. What is it like?
4. Consider the writing style. What literary devices stick out to you the most. What phrases, vocabulary, simile, metaphor, or imagery is powerful in your reading so far?

If you are in Literature 1 next year, Grammar of Poetry will be used them again, which will be a new experience with class participation, hopefully.

Over the summer, please continue to read, and also if you happen to be moved by a passage or poetry, write it in your commonplace journal.

Finally, I did enjoy travelling through books with you this year. I hope you did too. If you have a rich reading moment this summer you are inclined to share, you are always welcome to pop me an email, I’d love to hear.

Blessings, Ms Karyn