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Stephanie Ward

Class Name: Well Ordered Language Level 3A
Tutor: Stephanie Ward

This week’s focus:
Well Ordered Language 3 Intensive Prep Day 1&2
– Reviewed the 4 types of sentences (declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory).
– Reviewed nouns, verbs, and helping verbs
– Reviewed subject and predicate, while also reviewing diagramming sentences
– Reviewed adverbs and adjectives

For Parent:
Your child’s purple duotang was sent home today and will be their primary source of work for the next 9 weeks. The linked Teacher’s Guide for this week’s lessons contains the answer keys for the homework assigned. Please mark your child’s work as they complete it.
The student packets are paged oddly because a lot of the work was taken from the Level 2 books, so please look to the top of the page for “Day 1.1, Day 1.2, etc” labeling for the assigned pacing/work to be completed.

What to prepare & bring to Schole Monday Class:
Purple duotang with the completed homework assigned. For every class, please bring a pencil, eraser and small ruler (for diagramming and analyzing).

ESSENTIALS – To be completed this week:
The pacing is suggested, but the work should be all be completed.
Tuesday – Day 1.1 & Day 1.2
Wednesday – Day 1.3 & 1.4
Thursday – Day 2.1 & Day 2.2
Friday – Day 2.3 & Day 2.4

Listen to the CD chants for the WOL Level 3 songs
Day 1.5 & Day 2.5

WOL 3 Prep: Part 1 Quiz will be administered in class on the same day as Math quizzes. I have modified to quiz to be completed in a shorter period of time since students will be doing both Math and WOL 3 quiz on the same day.
Due Date: September 27, 2021

Please contact with any questions and submissions.

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