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Rachel Weisbrot

Class Name: Writing & Rhetoric Book 11: Thesis Part 2

Class Time: Zoom class, Tuesdays @ 11:00 a.m.
Meeting ID: 880 736 1527

Tutor: Rachel Weisbrot

This week’s focus:
Begin Lesson 1: The Five Canons of Rhetoric
Lesson Readings (please complete at home prior to class)
Tell It Back (please complete at home prior to class)
Talk About It
Write and Discuss

For Parent:
If you haven’t yet received Book 11, the first couple chapters are available for free download. Follow the link below and then click “Look Inside” in the upper lefthand corner of the image. Hopefully our books will have arrived by the time we finish Lesson 2!
Tell It Back can either be done in oral form (student narrates back to you what they’ve learned) or written form (student writes their answers to the Tell It Back questions without referring back to the text as much as possible).

What to bring to class:
Current Writing & Rhetoric book
Pen or pencil
Notebook or lined paper for notes

ESSENTIALS – to be completed this week:
Do Lesson Readings and Tell It Back before class
Complete Write and Discuss

From Lesson 2 – Answer to Runaway Train Dilemma OR Grenade Attack Dilemma (assigned Sept. 29)
Due Date: Oct. 5

Please contact with any questions and submissions.