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Heather McCollister

Class Name: Grade 8/9 Literature 2

This week’s focus: The Great Divorce
In preparation for class on April 15, 2021:
(This homework assignment is repeated)

1. Read Chapter 4-14 of The Great Divorce.

Using the sheets that were attached to last week’s document entitled “The Ghosts of the Great Divorce” record your thoughts and wonderings, as you continue reading the book.

During class on April 15, you have the opportunity to lead discussion on the ONE ghost you have been assigned to examine. If you would like to share a slide or two, to present questions/themes to the class, that would be encouraged. During class on April 15, we will work through each ghost in the order provided.
-The Big Man (Ch 4) – Eli
-The Bishop (Ch 5) – Simon
-Ikey (Ch 2 and 6) – Cash
-The Hard Bitten Man (Ch 7) -Toby
-The Well-Dressed Woman (Ch 8) – Annika
-The Grumbling Woman (Ch 9) – Abigail
-The Artist (Ch. 9) – Noah
-Robert’s Wife (Ch. 10) – Hannah
-Pam, the Mother (Ch. 11) – Livia
-Ghost with the Lizard (Ch. 11) – Mark
-Frank, the Dwarf (Ch. 12-13) – Henry/Lincoln
Unique Writing Strategies and The Ghosts of the Great Divorce Chart

Enrichment for those who are wanting more:
1. Memorize the poem In Praise of Solid People by CS Lewis
2. Write your own Ghost Story, mimicking the way Lewis communicates moral lessons through scenes of a ghost meeting a bright person.

March Submission – Due April 15, 2021

The March Submission will be the two worksheets, entitled Unique Writing Strategies, that you may complete together with a partner. If you choose to work independently, you do not need to complete all 8 examples, aim for 5, on the first 2 pages. (Strategy #1 and Strategy #2.)
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at