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Karyn Booth

Class Name: Writing and Rhetoric 4

This week’s focus: Lesson 7 Fourth Chreia King Canute

In preparation for Schole support class:

It’s our last month of schole and we are on lesson 7 of 12. We will not do all the lessons in the book, they are similar in activity, different in the proverb and speaker.

This week it’s King “Kuhnoot” and it’s so interesting to learn about him, he’s 100 years after King Alfred and please read pages p 92-94 and talk about him.

Feel free to use him and his saying as dinnertime conversation, this helps everyone learn more and also helps your student discuss it with you in the TE section on p 94, 95.

Work on the Go Deeper and the Writing time through the week.

WEDNESDAY—We will work on the p 99-102 in zoom class. Hopefully we can also do the Speak It to get our heads in the story.

To be completed this week: Complete the Lesson activities.
I will not be asking for the chreia from this lesson to be written unless you choose it for the month.

I would suggest just practise writing TOPIC sentences, write them in the lesson book, on the lines of each paragraph planning. This is a good skill to build and makes your student think, what is this paragraph about.

ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more

Prepare a poem for the spring showcase on Mondays!

THIS MONTH’S ASSIGNMENT FOR SUBMISSION: A choice of Chreia from Lesson 7, or the next lesson.

Please contact with any questions and submissions.